I love to explore - I hope to explore as many countries as I possibly can!

I would love to hear about your travel experiences :)

Where have I been?

Paphos, Cyprus
Larnaca, Cyprus
Limasos, Cyprus
Prague, Czech Republic
Caen, France
Zakinthos, Greece
Rhodes, Greece
Kos, Greece
Dublin, Ireland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sobotka, Poland
Wrocław, Poland
Oświęcim, Poland
Barcelona, Spain
Barry Island, Wales
San Fransisco, USA
San Diego, USA

Where have you been?
What was your favourite place?
and your worst?!


  1. Wow, you are well traveled! I have only been to Mexico!

  2. You have been to a lot of places.

  3. Oh wow what some amazing adventure you have been on - I haven't been to many places but I hope to change that one day.

  4. I went to Florida at Christmas, weather was very warm. Been to other parts of America too and places closer to home like Spain and Greece

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  6. Africa is amaaaazing if ever you fancy that and I loved Lapland! I've never been to Poland but have heard lovely things about it :)