Coffee Shops Aren’t The Only Place For Great Coffee*

Friday, 29 September 2017

For many people, coffee is the fuel that keeps them going – it wakes you up on a morning, gives you a boost during that pre-lunch lull in energy and ensures you remain alert late into the afternoon. But the concept of great quality coffee has also become tied up with the idea of the coffee shop – after all, you can’t get really good coffee at home or at the office, right?

Coffee Shop Culture

We have almost become spoiled in terms of coffee due to the quality of products easily available at our many local coffee shops. Not only that but the whole coffee shop culture has gained a place in our work lives. Many freelancers and flexible location workers often turn to the coffee shop as a great place to work and also to enjoy their favourite coffee. With free Wi-Fi, charging spots for the smartphone and even the odd free refill, the coffee shop is an ideal place for solo workers to have a change of scene.
This has also led to the desire for better quality coffee both at home and at work. For most people, gone are the days of coffee that looked and tasted like used petrol. In fact, some 40% of employees say they are willing to leave the office to buy quality coffee on the high street. So, what can be done to make quality coffee available everywhere?

Importance of Quality Coffee

There are lots of ways to get the very highest quality coffee in your home or at the office and that’s why many businesses are now investing money in ensuring that their staff get only the best. In fact, as the awareness of the benefits of coffee for staff has grown, so has the investment that businesses are willing to make in their coffee facilities, and there are a growing number of specialist commercial coffee companies like Honest Coffees ( providing the latest machines and the highest quality coffee to offices and workplaces.
In fact, studies have shown that coffee has lots of positive connections for the workplace that will also apply to anyone working from home. Good coffee:
·       Helps keep you alert – caffeine is a stimulant and boosts the central nervous system, helping with all-day productivity
·       Good reasons for a break – short breaks have shown to be beneficial for long-term productivity and also help employees spend a little time with colleagues, chatting and sharing experiences, which has a positive effect on overall performance
·       Makes people get up from their desk – spending too long in one position isn’t good for the body so the need to get up and make some coffee is a good incentive to take a break and move around
·       Relieves stress from lack of sleep – we’ve all had those spells where you don’t sleep well and feel like a zombie but a good cup of quality coffee can help boost the body and overcome the stress of sleeplessness

Selecting a Coffee Machine

Whether you are considering a coffee machine for home, the home office or the work office, there is now a host of machines to choose from, all offering different benefits. So how do you select the right one?
There are four main types of coffee machine to consider:
A manual espresso machine is the type similar to those found in coffee shops and allows you to create the largest range of drinks. This is ideal if you’re a fan of cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolates or want to offer a wide range of options to your staff.
If you want something a little simpler but also want to use great quality beans, then a bean-to-cup machine is the way to go. This involves grinding and pouring the coffee automatically, so this option offers really high-quality products with less time involved in the making.
Capsule machines can be an ideal option for homes, home offices or small offices as each coffee is made from a pod. They tend to be a little more expensive than other systems but offer a very reliable result and take very little cleaning.
If you just want lots of good, strong coffee constantly available then a filter coffee machine will be the answer. This is the simplest type of coffee machine and offers plain, hot coffee that you can then add milk, cream, sugar or anything else to. All you need to do is insert a single filter paper to the brew basket and pour the contents of the filter grind coffee sachet into the basket. The basket is slid into the machine and then left for 4-5 minutes before being ready to pour and drink.

Enjoy the Benefits

Even a simple filter coffee machine in the workplace stocked with a good quality coffee can quickly bring the benefits for employees and therefore for the business. You can work with a coffee machine expert to see what is the best type of machine for both office tastes and office sizes to ensure everyone gets the coffee they need, when they need it.

Disclamer: I was paid for this post, however all opinions are my own

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