Weaning and Baby Food Favourites!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

From the time I was pregnant, I was on the look out for the best food for my baby, ready for when the time to wean him came. I signed up to all of the baby clubs I could find, signed up to the newsletters and collected vouchers.

We decided to start weaning Luke at 21 weeks old. He was showing all the signs that he was ready to wean, so we decided to go for it! By that time, I was ready too.

We decided to combine baby led weaning with purées, and we also decided to buy ready made meals and make our own. We started off by giving him lunch and dinner, and three or four spoonfuls each meal. For the first month, we just gave him single vegetable tastes. By the six month mark, we moved him up to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I mixed vegetables. We also introduced fruit and snacks.

Luke's first finger food was Watermelon, followed the next day by some cucumber sticks - we gave him a lump to play with and chew on. He was pretty confused, but loved it!

For finger foods now, we offer him pitta breads, toast, steamed vegetables, eggs (boiled, scrambled, omelette), avocado, peppers, pasta and much more!

He also adores Kiddylicious wafers and Ella's Kitchen melty puffs! They are not only a favourite of his, but of mine..

His first purée was peas and although he loved it, he did go on to develop a pea intolerance! You have no idea how many things have peas in them..
Here are a few of the baby food brands that we have tried and how we felt about them!

Luke's first purée was an Ella's Kitchen pouch. In fact, his first few purées were! I was drawn to them originally because I "Became a Friend" (signed up to their mailing list) and received some fantastic goodies through the post. It came with two wall charts and stickers, which I put straight on the wall! It also came with a voucher for a free pouch - yay! The app is also brilliant.

They do a variety of single vegetable pouches which saved my life to start with. The first purée we tried Luke with was peas. As you can see below, he also loved it in his hair and up his nose.. Ella's Kitchen also have these amazing spoons that screw straight onto the end of a pouch. Perfect for out and about!!

Luke's second flavour was Parsnips. At first, he really didn't enjoy it. Now, he cannot get enough of them!

Now he is 7 months old, the older pouches are still a firm favourite in our house. He loves them!

Babease was a brand I first saw on Instagram. I had never heard of them before and I was intrigued! I commented on one of their pictures and they offered me a voucher if I sent them a message. I did, and  along with the voucher, I received this in the post!

This fruit pouch (Pear and Mixed Berries with Coconut Water, Brown Rice and Quinoa), Luke had for pudding and it was one of the first pouches he managed to suck himself!! Normally I would only give him half of a pouch like this for pudding, but he scoffed the lot! He cried when it was finished, so I would say this was a huge success!!

I really like this brand as they are "vegetable led". So many brands over do it with the fruit for first tastes, but Babease have got it right!

Now Luke has always loved their wafers, and I love their veg and cheese straws, so when I saw on their Facebook page that they were realising baby food, I got very excited! In one of the wafer packs that I purchased, their was a voucher for one of their new Little Bistro pouches, so I jumped at the chance for Luke try them!

Our first experience of the Little Bistro range would have been so much better if I had read the ingredients a little more closely! I missed the peas.. Luckily, after Luke's third spoonful and my 10th, I tasted it! Luke was very, very disappointed when I didn't let him finish it, there was a minor meltdown! But I however really enjoyed it!

It tasted fresh and full of flavour and (with some bread and butter) I had this for my dinner instead! I will definitely be buying this brand again.

My First Savsé
Pronounced sav-say!
I first caught a glimpse of these on Facebook and was really interested in getting my hands on some! I contacted the lovely people of Savsé to see where I could get some and they very kindly sent me some for Luke to try!

Savsé are the first brand to cold press baby food rather than use heat pasturisation and wow, you can really taste the difference. This interested me straight away! These pouches need to be stored in the fridge which made me think they wouldn't last too long, but they do have a date of around two months, which is fab!

The first pouch I tried Luke with was Lentils, Sweet Potato, Carrot and Apple. Well, I couldn't shovel it in quick enough!! He loved it.

I've been really looking forward to Autumn recently (although definitely not wishing the summer away!) so this pouch made me happy! Carrot, Pumpkin, Apple and Beetroot! Luke adored it, he even snatched the pouch out of my hand and took over.

My first experience of Piccolo was after a music class I took with Luke when he was very small. We were given a sample and I put it away in the cupboard, ready for when he started weaning.

Luke adored his first taste of Piccolo. It was Mango, Pear and Kale (with a dash of yoghurt!). I think he loved the creamy texture, as it was his first taste of yoghurt. The Raspberry and Apple (with soaked oats) is a breakfast favourite for both Luke and I. I always make sure I have a few in the cupboard.

At a class I do with Luke, called BuggyFit, we got another freebie! YAY!

Piccolo is definitely a firm favourite of ours and I couldn't recommend them enough!

I have always liked the sound of this brand, so I picked up a few of their snacks and fruit pots for Luke to try.

Luke absolutely devours the fruit pots for breakfast and pudding, he loves them! The second he sees them, his legs and arms start to go. It is so cute!

They are particularly good - and I have them for my breakfast too, with some yoghurt!

Since teething has become a thing with Luke, these biscuits are fantastic. He loves them - my carpet doesn't..!

I normally prefer pouches, but when it comes to C&G, I will make an exception.

I first was introduced to C&G when browsing the internet for weaning advice. Cow and Gate have a FANTASTIC weaning plan they send out to you in the post. It was a lovely book that came with vouchers, tips and recipes that we both adore.

Luke's absolute favourite is the Spaghetti Bolognese. He will eat an entire jar in one sitting and still want more! Due to the speed of consumption, this is the only picture I have of him consuming his Spag Bol - and he is still reaching out for more!

What is your little ones favourite food? Do you have a favourite brand?

Disclosure: all opinions stated in this post are my own. I only post reviews about products that I am passionate about and think you should all know about! Thank you for reading :)

Six months old!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Hello friends!

I have been MIA - because I have been raising the cutest baby known to man. He is six months old already and I have loved every second. I have decided to dedicate a bit more time to the blog again - I have missed it and I have so much more to blog about now!

Firstly - a little about Luke :)
He rolls, he crawls, he stands, he eats!
And he is only 6 months old. How is this possible??!

I cannot believe my baby is so big. He now weighs over 18lbs - over double his birth weight!
His smile and laugh gets me every time.

His dad is just incredible - they gang up on me already! But I wouldn't have it any other way (I'm sure I won't be saying that soon!).

The only real negative I have come across so far on my parenting journey (that doesn't include dirty nappies..)?

Luke has developed an intolerance to peas! Of all things, peas. Can you believe it? Apparently, it is more common than you'd think and he will hopefully grow out of it. We discovered it with the glorious projectile vomit he produced each time he has had them. The last time was an accident and confirmed that his tummy is not a fan of peas.. Yay..

A little update on life!

I am fully recovered from my cesarean - yay! And I have started to include a little exercise here and there to try and get some sort of body back (and then I'm sure as soon as I am almost happy, I'll get pregnant again..)! I would be dieting but quite frankly, I love food too much! Now Luke is eating, I do try to not eat badly, especially in front of him. I don't want him to pick up bad habits from his mum! Also, junk food can wait until he is in bed..

My house looks like a toy shop/bomb site. I would love nothing more than a day to tidy - but the second I get any time to myself (when Luke is napping or hanging out with his grandparents), I just sit and do nothing - and I love it! The tidying will happen at some point - for now, I am just dealing with it!

When I was pregnant, I got made redundant - that was not so fun..! We have made the decision that I will not be returning to work for a little while, so that means that I have some brilliant one on one time with my boy! It also means that I have be thrifty. I have some posts coming up about money saving and being thrifty. I have become quite the bargain hunter!

Having a baby has made me realise that I have the best friends and family ever. Some say that having a baby makes you realise who your real friends are. Well I really do have some amazing friends! If anything, having a baby has strengthened my friendships. There is nothing better than seeing the friends you love, love your baby.

Special Announcement...!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

So for the last nine months, I have been keeping a secret from social media and the internet!

In April, I found out that, in my tummy, was the most amazing thing I could ever imagine - a baby!

Although this was planned, we were not expecting this to happen as quickly as it did - so finding out after a huge shopping spree was definitely worrying! But we were so happy.

The first time we saw our baby was 6th June and everything about this little person was perfect! Look at the thumb sucking! We had our due date confirmed as the 12th December.

The next time we saw our baby was 29th July for the anomaly scan. Still sucking the thumb!

We asked the sonographer to write down the gender so we could give it to a friend to make us an announcement cake for a gender reveal party! I said to my husband that he was more than welcome to peek in the envelope, but I had every intention of waiting until the party - little did I know that my husband was so bad at keeping the secret, I would find out in an hour! And I'm so glad I did - I would have burst!!!

The party was the next day and we had an amazing time and announced to all of our nearest and dearest that we were expecting.... a beautiful baby.... BOY!

Call it mothers intuition, but I knew from the second that test was positive that I was having a boy - and I was so happy to have it confirmed! A son!

The next time we saw him was at a private scan. I say a scan.. He wouldn't cooperate, so we had four in total! And he got cuter and cuter each time (when he showed his face)!

When I was 34 weeks, we had to have another scan to check that everything was where it should be and that I didn't need a scheduled c-section. It was confirmed that all was safe and we got to see that he was definitely a boy (definitely a show off!) and he was looking perfectly healthy and measuring right on track!

On the 13th November, my wonderful friends and family threw me a surprise baby shower. I was so surprised! It was amazing. Our baby was so spoiled. It was amazing to see how loved he is already!!

My due date came and went.. From 37 weeks pregnant, we were 100% ready for him to make his appearance, but he was in absolutely no rush at all!

On Christmas Eve, I started the induction process, and eventually I went into labour naturally! Our little man was born at 10.37am on Christmas Day via emergency c-section (I will post my birth story another time - it is fairly long!). He was absolutely perfect.

Luke James Britton - 8lbs6oz