Monthly Tea Favourites!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

This months favourites...

Brewhaha not only have the cutest name ever, but they have the nicest rose tea ever! My mum has
always loved rose tea and that has brushed off onto me. I love this tea so much because it reminds me of hanging out with my mum :)

Jasmine tea is so yummy - I think it is almost chemical tasting - but in a good way.. Yeah I am odd... My favourite so far is the PG tips - however, this cannot be brewed for longer than a minute because it is just not nice after..!

Now this one, even if it didn't taste amazing - I would make myself love it. Mainly because it is so bloody cute! Luckily for me, I love it - there isn't a flavour I have tried yet that I don't love. My friend got me a variety of these teas for Christmas and they had the cutest packaging ever - this was my favourite. So delicate and yum.

Three Things...


For some reason, you are stranded on a desert island! OH NO!

You have endless safe water and various things to eat (phew..).

What three things would you want there with you? And why?

Personally, I would choose a notebook with a LOT of pages, a pen with a lot of ink in it and a gallon of factor 30 sun cream!

Why? Because I love to write everything down. I could write lists of what is around me and what I was going to do when I was rescued.. The sun cream? I don't want to be red!

What about you?


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

About a year ago - I did an A-Z. I thought it was about time that I did another, and I found a completely different one! 

Feel free to pinch this for your own blog :)

A: Age: 25
B: Biggest Fear: Injections (needles in general) and spiders. YUCK!
C: Current Time: 22:35
D: Drink you last had: Banananana and strawberry smoothie
E: Easiest Person To Talk to: My Greggy
F: Favourite song: Good question.. I have a few.. At the moment, Mr and Mrs Fletcher - Love is on the Radio
G: Ghosts, are they real?: I don't think so
H: Hometown: Basingstoke
I: In love with: My lovely husband
J: Jealous Of: I try not to be jealous.. Probably mostly of people that are amazing at cooking!
K: Killed Someone?: Definitely not!
L: Last time you cried?: Shed a tear when I watched a documentary on a 26 year old that was executed in Texas. Life is life!
M: Middle Name: Christina
N: Number of Siblings: One brother. What a wally
O: One Wish: To have a happy and healthy family
P: Person who you last called: Greg
Q: Question you're always asked: "Are you okay?" I must have one of those faces..
R: Reason to smile: I have a pretty great life
S: Song last sang: All Time Low - Remembering Sunday
T: Time you woke up: 08.00
U: Underwear Colour: Black and white
V: Vacation Destination: Next up is Poland! Woooo
W: Worst Habit: I crack my knuckles all the time
X: X-Rays you've had: Ankle, foot and wrist
Y: Your favourite food: I am not sure to be honest! I love Japanese food
Z: Zodiac Sign: Pisces