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Monday, 13 June 2016

Hello my darlings!

Apologies for pulling a disappearing act on you all.. I will be back with some exciting news towards Christmas.

See you soon,
Rowan xox


Friday, 1 April 2016

For Greg's birthday, we went to the Netherlands - and wow. I loved it! I have started to learn Dutch via the app "Duolingo" - seriously, check it out, it is the only app I have ever found that is half decent for languages. 

On a serious note, all I have learned to say so far is "The boy eats bread" and believe it or not, I didn't have to use it...

We had a short but sweet break in a lovely little hotel in the centre of Amsterdam.


My gorgeous hubby at the airport :) and breakfast - what a way to start the day!

Ohhh the shopping...!

This is officially the best drink in the whole world. I LOVED the lychee flavour - I am so gutted they don't do these in the UK :( 

It has little pieces of coconut jelly in it - YUM!

Cocktails at the Hard Rock in a cafetiere! It was loveeeeely!

I think these were handprints of the athletes that had come from the Netherlands - I maaaay be wrong as my Dutch isn't amazing..

Everywhere in Amsterdam, there is hot food vending machines - how do I not have one of these outside my house?! They were awesome!!

Hamburger and bacon from a vending machine - and it was bloody lovely!
I would definitely recommend Amsterdam for a get away - the shopping was amazing - the sites are incredible!

If you are tempted to go to Amsterdam to indulge in the cannabis scene, please, please, PLEASE remember that it is only legal to buy in the coffee shops, where alcohol is not also on sale. People have been selling false cannabis and people have been dying because of it.

The only other thing I would flag is the red light district and the prostitutes...

We accidentally stumbled down the red light district twice (I'm not going to lie, curiosity would have got the better of me and I would have had to have had a look anyway!). Honestly, we didn't have any trouble - we did walk passed the women that were stood in the windows, trying to get customers - however, it made me feel very uncomfortable. 

If I genuinely thought the women had chosen this path because it is what they wanted to do, I wouldn't have an issue with it - (it's your life, live it your way) but there were a lot of men outside, trying to get people in. It just made me feel very uncomfortable and it made me worried for the young (18 year old) male tourists.

If you go to Amsterdam, you will have an amazing time. Be safe and enjoy!

Monthly Tea Favourites!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

This months favourites...

Brewhaha not only have the cutest name ever, but they have the nicest rose tea ever! My mum has
always loved rose tea and that has brushed off onto me. I love this tea so much because it reminds me of hanging out with my mum :)

Jasmine tea is so yummy - I think it is almost chemical tasting - but in a good way.. Yeah I am odd... My favourite so far is the PG tips - however, this cannot be brewed for longer than a minute because it is just not nice after..!

Now this one, even if it didn't taste amazing - I would make myself love it. Mainly because it is so bloody cute! Luckily for me, I love it - there isn't a flavour I have tried yet that I don't love. My friend got me a variety of these teas for Christmas and they had the cutest packaging ever - this was my favourite. So delicate and yum.

Three Things...


For some reason, you are stranded on a desert island! OH NO!

You have endless safe water and various things to eat (phew..).

What three things would you want there with you? And why?

Personally, I would choose a notebook with a LOT of pages, a pen with a lot of ink in it and a gallon of factor 30 sun cream!

Why? Because I love to write everything down. I could write lists of what is around me and what I was going to do when I was rescued.. The sun cream? I don't want to be red!

What about you?


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

About a year ago - I did an A-Z. I thought it was about time that I did another, and I found a completely different one! 

Feel free to pinch this for your own blog :)

A: Age: 25
B: Biggest Fear: Injections (needles in general) and spiders. YUCK!
C: Current Time: 22:35
D: Drink you last had: Banananana and strawberry smoothie
E: Easiest Person To Talk to: My Greggy
F: Favourite song: Good question.. I have a few.. At the moment, Mr and Mrs Fletcher - Love is on the Radio
G: Ghosts, are they real?: I don't think so
H: Hometown: Basingstoke
I: In love with: My lovely husband
J: Jealous Of: I try not to be jealous.. Probably mostly of people that are amazing at cooking!
K: Killed Someone?: Definitely not!
L: Last time you cried?: Shed a tear when I watched a documentary on a 26 year old that was executed in Texas. Life is life!
M: Middle Name: Christina
N: Number of Siblings: One brother. What a wally
O: One Wish: To have a happy and healthy family
P: Person who you last called: Greg
Q: Question you're always asked: "Are you okay?" I must have one of those faces..
R: Reason to smile: I have a pretty great life
S: Song last sang: All Time Low - Remembering Sunday
T: Time you woke up: 08.00
U: Underwear Colour: Black and white
V: Vacation Destination: Next up is Poland! Woooo
W: Worst Habit: I crack my knuckles all the time
X: X-Rays you've had: Ankle, foot and wrist
Y: Your favourite food: I am not sure to be honest! I love Japanese food
Z: Zodiac Sign: Pisces 

Monthly Tea Favourites!

Monday, 22 February 2016

This months favourites...

My gorgeous cousins got me this awesome tea for Christmas - it is everything I love about lemon tea! Confessions.. I love lemsip - so when I can drink it and not be ill at the same time, I am happy! Thank you darlings <3 p="">

Next up is this gorgeous green tea my mum brought me back from the states. Oh wow it is so great - I don't want to drink it all because I don't want to run out! But I am enjoying it too much to hold back. Yum!

Seriously - if any of my UK followers know where I can try more of this tea, let me know! Or if any of my USA followers want to do a trade, let me know!

Last up for this month, Tesco's Vanilla Chai - always been my favourite, but seriously, yum! It is so good. I love this with a dash of milk, and lots and lots of biscuits. This is my everyday tea.

Favourite Songs

Thursday, 18 February 2016

There are some songs that I just cannot get enough of. It doesn't matter how many times I hear them, I get that lush feeling.

Some of these songs, I remember listening to as a young teenager, relating to every single word - like the song was written for me. Others, I just love to sing along to in the privacy of my own car - to and from work.

Each of these songs, I have a memory or a feeling. One of these songs meant so much to my husband and I, that I walked down the aisle to it!

I thought I would share them with you.. What is your favourite song?

All Time Low - Guts
All Time Low - Somewhere in Neverland
All Time Low - Time-Bomb
(Honestly? I could listen to anything by All Time Low - all day, everyday!)

Get Fit At Work!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Hands up! Who has an office job? Or a job that involves a LOT of sitting?


I really need to pull my finger out and do more exercise, what better time to start than right NOW? Now, my job does have a gym on site - I am so lucky. But I do still need to work for 7.5 hours per day - why not make this time work out time?!

Posture is everything - keep that posture lookin' goooooood! Make sure your feet, ankles and knees are all at 90 degree angles to the floor and keep that core engaged!

Butt Squeezing!
When sat down, squeeeeeeeeeeeeze that bum! Hold it for 10 seconds, and relax. Do this whenever you think about it. You won't regret it!

Wall Sitting
This is something that can be done if you are on a long call. Stand up straight - against the wall and slide down into a squat. Try and hold it for 30 seconds (but if 30 seconds is easy, double it!).

Leg Raises
Under the desk, raise one leg, for 10 seconds, then swap. When this starts becoming easier, do both legs, at the same time. Try holding your stomach in whilst doing this for the extra work out!

Take the Stairs
When I say "take the stairs" I don't just mean to your office or your desk. I mean, take the stairs when you get up from your desk for a break. Climb them two at a time for the perfect booty, jump them two at a time if that gets easy (obviously, be conscious of your work colleagues! They may stumble across you and think you need a holiday..)!

One of my colleagues recently purchased a laptop stand, so he can work whilst standing. This is a great way to burn those extra calories. Anyone that owns an Apple Watch will be nagged every hour on the hour to stand for a minute. Weekly, I need to have face to face meetings with various colleagues that last 30 minutes - I am going to try to rope them into standing meetings!

Walking is not overrated. When my eyes have been on the screen for too long, I take a stroll to talk to fellow colleagues about what I am working on currently or to pick their brains. Whilst walking to their desk, I try to take a detour and stretch my legs and arms as much as possible on the way. Walking is good!

Things you can't do around the world! (But can in the UK!)


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

One whole year huh? That went fast!

Thanks for still being here - I love you all.

Happy birthday to Funning Up My Life! Here is to many more years of fun :)

Monthly Tea Favourites!

Friday, 22 January 2016

So, we all know I love tea. So I thought that every month, I will let you know my favourites and maybe my not-so-favourites!

This month, I subscribed to Tea Roulette. Each month, you receive 30 random teas to try - this has definitely helped me discover some awesome newbies!

This months favourites are:

Jolly Brew's Blooming Cherry Bliss!

This is my current favourite, however, I have become a little bit of a Jolly Brew addict!! I have bought a lot of different teas from them, and I am yet to be disappointed! Thanks, Jolly Brew :)

You can find them here

Pinched from Whittard's website
Pinched from Whittard's website
Next up is a Whittard's favourite of mine and my mums.

Their rose tea is to die for! It is so lovely by itself or with a drop of milk.

 You can find them here

Pinched from TeaPigs website
Jasmine tea is divine. I love the fact that it acts as an air freshener at my desk at work! My favourite Jasmine tea at the moment is TeaPigs. I love TeaPigs! I especially love that the bag doesn't leave a taste. So delicate, so lush!

You can find them here

Last but not least, Twinings are a favourite in every country. I drink at least four cups of their regular green tea every day. I am hooked!

Rather than put a link, you can find this in every shop that sells tea!

What are your favourites? I am always on the look out for new teas to try!

See you next month for my monthly favourites!

** All opinions in this post are my own, I was not paid for any of these reviews**

"My Mug and I" with Lisa!

Friday, 15 January 2016

This week, we have the lovely Lisa from Thirty Something Belle. Lisa is one stunning mama!! I love her Festival Survival Guide as I have a lot of admiration for people taking kids camping! Make sure you check out her blog - it is brilliant.

Here we go!

Hey! Who are you and where do you come from?
Why hello there! I'm Lisa of I'm based in Manchester, England.

How long have you had your favourite mug?
Since Christmas 2014.

Where did it come from?
It was a gift from my lovely boyfriend Adam, purchased from Urban Outfitters.

Why this one?
It sums me up it just 3 little words!

Does it really make your drink taste better?
Yes, bizarrely it does.

What is your favourite thing to have in your mug?
Tea. One sugar, milk, preferably Yorkshire teabags stewed for a good 5 minutes.

When do you have your first cuppa?
Around 7.30am when I land in my office. A must to wake me up for the day ahead!

How many hot drinks do you have per day? work, ususally 4 cups per day maybe. At home, around 6 cups.

What is your favourite thing to do whilst with your mug?
Eat biscuits - I am a fiend. Ginger nuts, Oreos, Rich Tea? I'll take it!

Anything else?
I DO have a weird thing for mugs in general - they have to feel 'right'. I adore vintage china and when I'm feeling posh, will dig out a cup and saucer to indulge. In winter, I love to have a huge mug filled to the brim with hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows - even a sneaky shot of Baileys if I'm at home. Heaven! Whittard Of Chelsea is my favourite place to buy from. I have my eye on their Alice In Wonderland range as we speak...

A big thank you to Lisa for taking part!

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"My Mug and I" with Molly!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

This week, we have the lovely Molly from The Book of Molly. This tattooed beauty is one to follow! My favourite post of hers is "13 things I would tell my younger self" because it is something I can really relate to. Check her out!

Here we go!

Hey! Who are you and where do you come from?
Hello there! My name is Molly Gibson Kirby and I am currently living in Northern Manitoba, Canada. However, I am from a mixture of places. I was born in Liverpool England and grew up in Peterborough, Ontario and Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

How long have you had your favourite mug?
I have a full collection of mugs, and I’m not sure I could pick a “favourite” one. Each one is special in its own way, and I use them differently for different drinks. That being said two of my favourite mugs I received as Christmas presents in 2014.  My favourite travel mug was a gift to myself about a month ago.

Where did it come from?
My first favourite mug came from my mom as a Christmas present, and she bought it at Chapters in Ontario. It says, “Life is a story. Make yours a best seller.” She bought it for me because I'm a writer, and it just fit so well. I'm also working on my autobiography, and I think that’s another reason she bought that one for me!

My second favourite mug was also a Christmas gift from a close friend. He bought it for me at a craft fair. I had been looking at the mug and commented on how much I loved the feeling of it, and the handle on the mug, but I decided to steer myself away from it. (I told myself I didn’t need another mug… but I always need more mugs)

Christmas morning came around and I opened up to see the mug! My heart melted.

My travel mug comes from Kate Spade! I love it because of all the books around it, because I'm a total bookworm! I bought it for myself because I had been looking at it online for ages, and I don't have a plastic tumbler, just ceramic ones, so I decided to treat myself.

Why this one?
These three are my favourite because of the meaning around them, and I love the way they feel in my hands. I’m pretty picky when it comes to mug designs and how it feels, but these three are just perfect.

Does it really make your drink taste better?
It totally makes my drink taste better, at least in my mind it does. If I don’t enjoy what I’m drinking my hot beverage out of, I will not enjoy the drink.

What is your favourite thing to have in your mug? 
I usually am a coffee person in the morning, and a tea drinker in the afternoon and evening. But I drink water and juice out of my mugs too. I barely ever use a proper glass.

When do you have your first cuppa?
I have my first hot drink around 9 o’clock when I’m headed to the newspaper for work. I’ll make coffee at home, but won’t really drink it until I sit in front of my desk at work, and start going through emails.

How many hot drinks do you have per day?
If I’m being honest I drink a lot of hot drinks in a day. As I’m writing this, I have 4 mugs on my desk… I’ll usually have two cups of coffee before lunchtime. After lunch I’ll usually make myself an iced coffee, or a tea. My favourites are peppermint and green loose tea. In the evening I’ll make myself a cup of orange pekoe tea with a bit of milk and sugar in it. It helps me relax for the evening, and prepare myself for my evening meditation.

What is your favourite thing to do whilst with your mug?
I have a few favourite things to do with a hot drink in my mug. If I’m at work I’ll be sorting through my emails, but if I’m home you’ll either find me reading blogs, reading a hardcover book, or listening to music and journaling.

Coffee and tea to me helps me relax and ground myself, so I try to do things that will accompany that like reading or writing!

A big thank you to Molly for taking part!

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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year to you all :)

I am excited to start this year but not for any particular reason.. I am not going with the whole "New Year, New Me" thing..

This year, I aim to not make plans and to just actions!

I will see opportunities and take them!
I will do more of the things I am scared of doing - with no fear!
I will do more spontaneous things with my husband!
and I will enjoy myself whilst doing it all!

What about you? What are you going to do with this year?