Spring - Make it Count!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Spring is here! YAY!

Colours are finally starting to appear - the days are getting longer and all of our moods start to improve!


What can you do to make your spring count? Here is my top 10!

1. Go for more walks in the sun

2. Go for a drive with someone you love - no destination needed!

3. Take pictures of the outdoors

4. Clothes shopping! The weather is warming up so you need a new wardrobe, right?!

5. Check out the lambing days near you - every year I say I will do this and I always forget - this year, I will not forget!!

6. See the cherry blossoms - they are so incredible!!
(Just be careful not to leave your car underneath one for too long!!)

7. Feed the ducks
(Check out this great post about what to feed ducks -here-)

8. Get DRENCHED in a spring shower!

9. Gardening! Now is the time to do the garden - make it count!
(Plant those flowers!)

10. Do some spring cleaning! I use this opportunity to dust everything!
(Who remembers to dust!?)


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    1. Eeek can't see your comment because it has been removed :(

  2. LOVE that spring is here, being able to just go for a walk and get outside more with beer gardens and bbqs not too far away in the future!

    1. It is great, isn't it?! I have missed it so much!

  3. Great list Rowan, will give it a go! xxx