"My Mug and I" with Marina!

Friday, 15 May 2015

This week, we have the lovely Marina from Marina Says and Made in Moments. I love her post "Tips for Looking Fine After Crying All Night" - whilst I hope she and none of you ever cry all night, it is a really handy page to have on hand! She is such a pretty one - I love her Youtube channel too. Check her out!

Here we go!

Hey! Who are you and where do you come from?
I’m Marina, style blogger at MarinaSays.com and travel blogger at MadeinMoments.com. I don’t stay in one pace for too long, so believe it or not I get to have a new favorite mug every month.
Growing up I also moved around a lot, though mostly between California, USA and Slovakia, Europe.

How long have you had your favourite mug?
It’s been about three weeks now. Although last week my boyfriend claimed it as his favorite mug too… we’re currently in the “who grabs it first gets it” phase.

Where did it come from?
This big glass mug was here when I arrived. My boyfriend and I are renting this apartment for just one month, and luckily the owners left the place fully furnished - mugs included!

Why this one?
I love it because it’s big enough to hold a lot of liquid while still being lightweight. I also love that the clear glass allows me to see if I’ve thoroughly mixed my chai powder or hot cocoa, while letting light into the beverage for a truly simple drinking experience.

Does it really make your drink taste better?
Yes. I tried making the chai latte in the cheap IKEA porcelain cups and simply couldn't finish, it tasted that bad.

What is your favourite thing to have in your mug?
I love myself a nice Chai Latte with half milk, half water.

When do you have your first cuppa?
After having a breakfast smoothie in the morning my stomach starts to crave something warm before the day fully unfolds. Somewhere between breakfast and lunch is the perfect time to sit and sip at a hot treat from my favorite mug of the moment.

How many hot drinks do you have per day?
I drink typically 2-3 hot beverages per day, though if I’m home alone I usually forget to treat myself to anything luxurious in the evening hours.

What is your favourite thing to do whilst with your mug?
Like I said, somewhere between breakfast and lunch is my favorite time to sip at a hot drink. That’s usually about the time when I start to put on my makeup or read from the Kindle. This is where the size of the mug really starts to make a difference! While reading a high-suspense book such as The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters, one’s got to have somewhere to sip from.

A big thank you to Marina for taking part!

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  1. Hey thanks for posting this :) I'm going to share it on my blog with a clickthrough for you.

  2. This is a really cute idea for a post, I love glass mugs too.

  3. Love the mug and love this idea!


  4. What a brilliant idea! I love how unique this is. And how lucky for her to have the perfect mug left behind like that!

  5. Fun post! I love my starbucks mugs ...I don't use glass mugs too much, ! This is a great idea tho! I love hot tea, and drink it all day long at work! Happy Fri!

  6. This is such a fun idea for a post.. very creative! Have a a great weekend!

  7. I love this idea for a post! I used to have a glass mug as well but I broke it :(
    - Ana Luiza
    Evergreen Evergrey Everyday

    1. Aww no! Great excuse to get a new one huh? ;)

  8. That's definitely a great chai latte mug! Thanks for the introduction!

  9. It's surprising how much difference a favourite mug makes - I love mine too :)