Ipanema Wish List!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Flip flops - I LOVE THEM!

When I stumbled across Ipanema, I discovered that I need one of each pair that I saw..! 

They literally cater for everyone - men, women and children. They supply flip flops, sandals and wedges. I must admit - I am jealous of almost all of the children's styles and designs (so what? I am a big kid at heart!). The size variety is very good too - my brother always struggles to find any footwear in a size 12 - but these guys have them! The designs they feature are incredible. There is something for everyone and definitely a lot for me!! 

All of the flip flops on the site are so unique and amazing - I could never pick. To help me choose, I made a wish list. With free delivery one 3 or more pairs, I need a minimum of 3! 

1. Owls are really in right now - these are adorable! They are called "Ipanema Applique" and you can choose from 3 different colours. They are only £23 - they can be found here

2. Now I know you are supposed to leave the best until last, but HOW CUTE?! These are my absolute favourite and they are called "Ipanema Bicycle" You can choose from 2 different colour ways and can be found here for £20

3. Ever get the best flip flops ever and think "I would really love to change the straps.."? Well with these, you can! Each pair comes with two additional straps. They are available in 8 different colours and can be found here for £25

4. The "Ipanema Petal III" are so cute. They come in 6 different colours and can be found here for £15

5. Love, love, LOVE the bow on these. They are so so cute! These are called "Ipanema Pretty Bow" and are available in 5 different colours. They can be found here for £20

6. Last but not least! The "Ipanema Kirey" have an extra strap which really appeals to me - they look so stylish! They are available in 3 different colours for £18 and can be found here

If you check these guys out, let me know your favourite! Which do you think I should get?

Disclosure: all opinions stated in this post are my own. I only post reviews about products that I am passionate about and think you should all know about! Thank you for reading :)


  1. I love these! My favorites are the Ippanema Kirey... because of the extra strap!

    1. I love the extra strap! Such a good idea :)

  2. these are cute. I need new flip flops for the summer

  3. Perfect timing...I was just thinking I need to get a couple of pairs. Love the ones with the extra strap!

  4. These are SO cute! I love it! I need some new sandals because my dogs keep eating them.

  5. The white and gold flippies are great! I live in flip flops {living in SoCal} ! Thank you for sharing! Please come share this with me starting tonight! I know others will love it! http://www.wrightsimply.com/search/label/Linky
    Have a wonderful day! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

    1. Hey Ashleigh - I have only just seen your comment! Thank you - I wish I could live in flip flops all year round! I am interested in the Linky :) please let me know if I can participate another time :) thanks!

  6. I love the owls! And the bike! So darling!